Sunday, January 23, 2011

NEW Pattern Grouping #63!!!

Included in this grouping are: Ditto, Over the Moon, Secret Garden, Tawashi Pocket Cloths, Tawashi Sunflower & Cloth Set, and White Water. With our usual 25% off this set is $10.50.

Tawashi Pocket Cloths

Tawashi Sunflower & Cloth Set

This set consists of a scrubber and a dishcloth.

Secret Garden

This cloth is one of our NEW Dainty Doily Cloths!
 It is so soft and silky wonderful for the bath.


These cloths are all knit from the same pattern using different sized needles that create different cloths... the larger cloth is great for washing dishes, the middle cloth is so soft and would be perfect for the bath, and the smallest cloth makes a useful scrubber. So.. 3 for the price of 1!!!

Over the Moon

White Water

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NEW Pattern Grouping #62

Included in this grouping are: Blueberry Buttons, Cresent, Down Grandma's Lane, Itty Bitty Valentines, Little Foxes in the Wood, Only a Matter of Time, and Young Love. By purchasing the groupings as a whole, you save our usual 25%. The cost is $10.50

Young Love

This cloth is another of our 'Itty Bitty Cloths' with a Valentine theme. The eyelets create an open heart and would be perfect paired with a specialty soap or a gift certificate to a spa.

Down Grandma's Lane

The 'flowers' really make this 'plain Jane' cloth shine. If you're a newer knitter and would like to learn how to create these type of stitches, what better way of learning while also practicing your knit and purl stitches?

Itty Bitty Valentines

This little cloth is another in our 'Itty Bitty' line. If you close enough (click on the photo) you can see that there is a 'ruffle' that surrounds the heart. These are a little bigger than my hand but would fit nicely in a larger valentine maybe for a Mom or Sister.

Blueberry Buttons (First in our Dainty Doily Line)

I'm so excited to be able to bring you a new line of cloths that are knit up using beautiful fashion crochet thread. These are beautiful detailed and can also be used as mats or old fashioned 'doilies'.

Little Foxes in the Wood

This is the second in our new line of 'Dainty Doily Cloths'


I LOVE this cloth. It is great for a scrubber or a potholder. The weaving of the knit stitches creates a heavy textured cloth.

Only a Matter of Time

This is a great dishcloth and will be quick to dry due to the open ribbons running through it.

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