Tuesday, August 17, 2010

By Popular Demand

We have had many inquiries about our 50 for $35.00. In order to give more people access to this opportunity to save big on collecting our patterns we are pleased to announce that this will now be an every day option for you. How does this work? Well, after we are notified via Paypal that you've purchased the 50 for $35.00 then we will send you a thank you notice and will ask you to send us your list. You can then take as long as you'd like to decide on any 50 of our patterns! That means that you can choose any from our ORIGINAL SITE, Our HARVEST MOON CHRISTMAS COTTAGE, and Our HARVEST MOON UPPER ROOM. Once we get your list, we will email you all of your patterns within 24 hours. To take advantage of this way to buy patterns, just click below.

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