Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pattern Grouping #59

Included in this grouping are: Birch Bay Set, Going Up, Retro Cloth Set, and Wendy. If purchased individually you would pay $14.00, but by purchasing them as a grouping you save 25%... $10.50

Retro Cloth Set

These designs were inspired by a popular crocheted pattern from the 40s.

Birch Bay

We took a very common stitch design and created 2 new designs from it :) look closely...

Going Up


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pattern Grouping #58

Included in this pattern grouping are: Basket of Blessings, Helena, I Do, Again!, Love is in the Air
Peas & Carrots, and Stephanie. And as we do with each new posting, if purchased as a grouping, you save 25% That's enough to purchase another pattern OR enough for 2 skeins of cotton. The cost of this grouping is $9.00 

FREEBIE Wedding Cake Delight

This cloth is one of our firsts. We added dainty little flowers to add an extra something to make the cake 'pop'. If you'd like to down load this pattern, you can find it in our Yahoo Group "Under a Harvest Moon" You can find all our freebies there! Just follow this Link and then look under the "files" section. This is our news group so to join you're not required to interact :) We also have a few other 'wedding' designs throughout our site that would also make a wonderful bridal shower grouping. :)

I Do, Again!

Basket of Blessings

Love is in the Air

Peas & Carrots

The unique thing about this slipped stitch design is that the slipped stitches are twisted :)



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grouping #57

Included in this grouping are the following patterns: Either Way, Last Chance, Look Again!
Neither Here Nor There, Tawashi Flower, and This is it. What is special about this grouping is that all items were knit using ONLY 2 SKEINS of regular sized Sugar'n Cream yarn!!! That means that's less than $4.00 for 6 gifts. If purchased as grouping, you again save 25%!! This grouping then is $9.00. You save $3.00 by purching the group.

Either Way

Last Chance

Look Again

Neither Here Nor There

Tawashi Flower

In Japanese, Tawashi literally means 'bundle'. These little scrubbers are very popular in the kitchen or bath. Ours is knit using single point straight needles.

This Is It!

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