Friday, May 21, 2010

Pattern Grouping #56

Included in this pattern grouping are: Dancing in the Sunshine, Inspiration, Coat of Many Colors, Mirage, Southwest Dreams, and Home on the Range. If purchased individually your cost would be $12.00, but when purchased as a grouping (with a 25% discount) your cost is $9.00! That's like getting 1 free pattern :)

Dancing in the Sunshine

Coat of Many Colors



Home on the Range

Southwest Dreams

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pattern Grouping #55

Included in this new pattern grouping are: Starting Over Set, Valeta, Naquanda, Just Wait, Imagination, No More Grumpy Grumps. If purchased individually the cost is $14.00, BUT, if you purchase this grouping you save 25% and final cost is $10.50!!!

Starting Over Set



Just Wait


No More Grumpy Grumps

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