Friday, December 31, 2010

NEW Pattern Grouping #61

Included in this grouping are: Angela, Band of Angels, Behavin', Country Cousin, Hawaiian Sunrise
Karlee, Retro 2, Secret Lagoon, and Tawashi Facial Cleansing Pads.With our usual 25% discount, this grouping sells for $13.50.

Tawashi Facial Cleansing Pads

these simple quick pads are a great way to use up all the 'extras' you might have in your yarn basket. You can put your daily face wash inside the pads and foam up for a wonderful experience at the end of the day.

Band of Angels

when I began this cloth my idea was one thing and then as the cloth was 'knitting itself' it became another. I really like the results. 

Secret Lagoon

what looks like the well known "Grandma's Favorite" is a bit different in how the edges are created. The 'bobbles' add to the 'cuteness' of this cloth, it's also a great way to learn how to do the knit cast on stitch.

Retro 2

was created as an experiment. I wanted to use the idea used in the Retro Set but wanted to see if a more textured stitch could be used. And it worked!


this design is another of my 'God cloths' they just seem to make themselves. It's appropriate for the bath or kitchen.


is a delicate lacey cabled spa cloth. I love cables, but find them inappropriate for most cloths. but mixing these stitch designs compliment each other.



I mixed a textured border with an open knit body creating a quick dry cloth.

Country Cousin

I have loved the "Twist" yarn used for this pattern, but have found it hard to create with. But I love how this cloth came out. You still have
 a bit of lace and there's room for your choice of soap.

Hawaiian Sunrise

 Inspired by the colors of "Playtime" this cross stitch knit design is also a quick knit easy drying cloth.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our First Leaflet... Breaktime

Included in this leaflet are a tea/coffee cup, a mug, and a tea/coffee pot. We've also included a couple of ways you can embellish the patterns to 'make them your own'. $8.50

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

By Popular Demand

We have had many inquiries about our 50 for $35.00. In order to give more people access to this opportunity to save big on collecting our patterns we are pleased to announce that this will now be an every day option for you. How does this work? Well, after we are notified via Paypal that you've purchased the 50 for $35.00 then we will send you a thank you notice and will ask you to send us your list. You can then take as long as you'd like to decide on any 50 of our patterns! That means that you can choose any from our ORIGINAL SITE, Our HARVEST MOON CHRISTMAS COTTAGE, and Our HARVEST MOON UPPER ROOM. Once we get your list, we will email you all of your patterns within 24 hours. To take advantage of this way to buy patterns, just click below.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pattern Grouping #60

Included in this grouping are: From the 60's, Ashley Set, Amazing, Samantha, and We're on the Right Track. If purchased individually this grouping would cost $12.00, but with our usual 25% off, your cost is $9.00

From the 60's Another Atomic Cloth


Ashley Set

Included in this set is a textured wash cloth and a really fun soap sack that is double knit so NO sewing needed!!! Set sells for $4.00

We're on the Right Track


This unique cloth is knit using one row yellow (or light color) and the next row green (or dark color). What makes this unique is that you use double pointed needles in order to be able to knit down one row and change colors back and forth.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


All of our Christmas patterns are now found at 
This will be easier for you to find all the patterns that are now on sale.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pattern Grouping #59

Included in this grouping are: Birch Bay Set, Going Up, Retro Cloth Set, and Wendy. If purchased individually you would pay $14.00, but by purchasing them as a grouping you save 25%... $10.50

Retro Cloth Set

These designs were inspired by a popular crocheted pattern from the 40s.

Birch Bay

We took a very common stitch design and created 2 new designs from it :) look closely...

Going Up


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pattern Grouping #58

Included in this pattern grouping are: Basket of Blessings, Helena, I Do, Again!, Love is in the Air
Peas & Carrots, and Stephanie. And as we do with each new posting, if purchased as a grouping, you save 25% That's enough to purchase another pattern OR enough for 2 skeins of cotton. The cost of this grouping is $9.00 

FREEBIE Wedding Cake Delight

This cloth is one of our firsts. We added dainty little flowers to add an extra something to make the cake 'pop'. If you'd like to down load this pattern, you can find it in our Yahoo Group "Under a Harvest Moon" You can find all our freebies there! Just follow this Link and then look under the "files" section. This is our news group so to join you're not required to interact :) We also have a few other 'wedding' designs throughout our site that would also make a wonderful bridal shower grouping. :)
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