Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pattern Grouping #45

Included in this grouping are: Angel Wing Feathers, 'Esher, KNITTED Granny Squares 2, Ocean Waves, Summer Splash Dishcloth, and Taraph. You save $3.00 by purchasing the patterns as a grouping. The cost after our 25% off... $9.00

Angel Wing Feathers


KNITTED Granny Squares 2

Ocean Waves

Summer Splash Dishcloth


Friday, May 8, 2009

Pattern Grouping #44

Included in this grouping are: Bara, No`am, Tea Time Set, Zera, and KNITTED Granny Square. With our usual 25% off this group's price is $9.75.

Tea Time Set

We had a lot of fun designing this set. We thought it'd be fun to give you 2 possibilities... we thought they really looked like they belonged together. :) The price of this set is $4.00

KNITTED Granny Squares

We worked so hard on this design and are pleased to announce that we've come up with a way for you to 'knit' a Granny Square. Totally unique it's knitted from the outside in on single point needles! The price of this design is $3.00



We created this stitch design to resemble a retro chenille bathrobe.


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