Monday, January 28, 2008

Only Jesus Can Mend A Broken Heart FREEBIE

During this adventure in creating, God has given me so many beautiful designs. But every now and again, He gives me things that I don't know why or who they are for. This is one of those. When He does give me designs like this, there is an urgency to get it out there so the person/s that are needing them can get them in HIS time. So, that is what I'm doing today. The title of this cloth is "Only Jesus Can Mend A Broken Heart" and all you have to do is click on the picture and you can download the pattern. To God be the glory, and for those who are receiving, many, many blessings to you. The number of people downloading this pattern is causing the geocities site to be over whelmed. Thank you for understanding :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pattern Grouping #22

Included in this grouping are: Bound By Love, Eve, Time Out Man's Gift Set, Zipporah, and Absolute Best! Individually you would pay $13.00, but if purchased as a grouping with a 25% discount your cost is $9.75

Time Out Men's Set** SALE ITEM (SET) $2.50

When we began to think about Valentine's Day, we wanted to do something totally different. We began brainstorming about who we give Valentines to and we thought... why not create a special gift for the man in your life... father, son, hubby, or sweetheart will appreciate this set. It includes a washcloth and a rice bag cover (Sleeve). You might not be familiar with what a rice bag is and how it is used, so here goes... a bag (which we use a sock) is filled with rice and then can be put in the freezer to be used as a cold pack OR can be put in the microwave and be used like a heating pad. The pattern for the 'sleeve' that the rice bag goes in is knit to coordinate with the cloth. And although this set was created with the 'man' in mind, we girls could use it as well. The rice bag/sleeve can be used for those weekend warriors or the man who spends all of his 'working' time doing physical labor. This set cost $5.00

THE Absolute Best

If I can be so bold as to brag... this is THE absolute best, versatile cloth that we've offered. It is textured so it's wonderful for the kitchen and yet it is sooooo soft it could be used on a baby's skin. This is my FAVORITE cloth so far. It's quick & easy and is just an over all winner!


We used Sugar'n Cream Stripes yarn.

Bound By Love


Stairway To Heaven Scarf

Pattern Grouping #21

ncluded in this grouping are: Annie's Kitchen Set, Baby OH Baby!, Jenny, Shawn, Simple Pleasures, and Waimea Raindrops. If purchased individually your total would be $15.00 BUT if purchased as a grouping with 25% discount, you're saving $3.75 (our scarf patterns are not included in grouping prices)

Dainty Peridot Scarf

Annie's Kitchen Set** SALE ITEM (SET) $2.50

This great kitchen set includes a hang towel, a dishcloth, and a potholder. The cost for this set is $5.00

Baby OH Baby!



Simple Pleasures

Waiamea Raindrops

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