Friday, November 16, 2007

Pattern Grouping #19

Included in this final grouping of this 2007 year are the following: Cedars Of Lebanon, No Need Pattern Dishcloth Pattern, Quick! Quick! Quick! Dishcloth Pattern, Looking Forward, Piper's Pebbles, Gentleness, and I'm A Little Dishcloth. The grouping sells for $10.50. You're saving 25% by purchasing these cloth patterns as a grouping!!!

Cedars Of Lebanon

No Need Pattern Dishcloth Pattern

Quick! Quick! Quick! Dishcloth

Looking Forward

Piper's Pebbles


I'm A Little Dishcloth

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pattern Grouping #18

This grouping includes: Abundance, All In A Row, Advent Time, Sound Of Angels, Cairo, Light & Airy, Sturdy & Strong, Skipping Stones, Walking On Water, Francie, and Grace. As a grouping you save 25% when purchasing the patterns as a grouping (that's $5.50 savings!!!) This group sells for $16.50


Light & Airy, Sturdy & Strong Dishcloth Set** SALE ITEM (SET) $2.00

This set includes a very sturdy, yet so soft, cloth as well as a very light weight cloth. Both are really nice cloths that would be great gifts.

Skipping Stones

Sounds Of Angels



All In A Row

Advent Time


Walking On Water

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