Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pattern Grouping #17

This pattern grouping includes: Charity, Eden, Football Mums, Mayflower Dishcloth, Orange Delight, Up The Waterspout, Cinderella, Finding Your Way, Hold Me Tight, Midnight Lace, Voila! Purchased at a 25% discount the cost is $16.50. Purchased individually at $2.00 each you would pay $22.00 So, that's like getting 2 free patterns!!!



Football Mums

This is a scrubber cloth and is a bit smaller than the usual dishcloth.

Mayflower Dishcloth

Orange Delight

Up The Waterspout


Finding Your Way

Hold Me Tight

Midnight Lace


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pattern Grouping #16

Included in this grouping are: Ring The Bells Of Heaven, Cool Waters, Gloria, Sparkling Blue Diamonds, Frost On The Windowpane, & Strings Of Pearls. Individually it would cost you $12.00, but when purchased as a grouping the cost in $9.00. That's a 25% discount and is like getting one pattern FREE!

Ring The Bells Of Heaven

Cool Waters


Sparkling Blue Diamonds

Frost On The Windowpane

Strings Of Pearls

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pattern Grouping #15

This grouping includes: Gates Of Heaven, Joy, Butterfly Wings, Enchanted Garden, Jacob's Ladder, Makin Waves, Lifelines, and All Tied Up In Stitches. If purchased individually, at $2.00 each, you would pay $16.00, BUT if purchased as a grouping, your cost is $12.00. That's a 25% discount and it would be like getting 2 FREE!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All Tied Up In Stitches


Butterfly Wings

Jacob's Ladder

Makin Waves

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