Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Grouping #3

This grouping includes: Powdered Sugar, Tiki Time, Venetian Blinds, Going Around In Circles, and Retro Diamonds. If bought separately, the cost for this grouping would be $10.00, but if purchased as a grouping it is $7.50, that's a 25% savings!

"Retro Diamonds"

"Going Around In Circles"

"Venetian Blinds"

"Tiki Time"

***Powdered Sugar***

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pattern Grouping #2

This grouping includes: A Father's Heart, Flowered Gingham, Wandering in the Wilderness (2 patterns included), & Scrappy Do. You will receive all 5 patterns for a savings of 25% if bought as a grouping. The cost of this grouping is $7.50 (if bought separately would cost $10.00) saving you $2.50!

"A Father's Heart"

"Flowered Gingham"

BIBLE SERIES "Wandering In The Wilderness"** SALE ITEM (SET) $2.00

$4.00 for set

"Scrappy Do"

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pattern Grouping #1

Save 25% when purchasing ALL the new patterns in this grouping. Individually they would cost $24.00, but if purchased as a group, they are $18.00, you save $6.00!! Included in this grouping are: Picnic Time, Two Hearts Become One, Pineapple Fields, Summer On The Lake, Peek A Boo!, Sunshine & Rain, Grandma's Curtains, Twists & Turns, Hills & Valleys, and Aloha Shirt

Pattern Set "Picnic Time"** SALE ITEM (SET) $3.00

This set includes: Uninvited Guest, Slice of Life, & You Are My Sunshine Cost $6.00

"Two Hearts Become One"

"Pineapple Fields"

"Summer On The Lake"

"Peek A Boo!"

This cloth was knit using Bernat Twist Cotton

"Sunshine & Rain"

Hills & Valleys

"Grandma's Curtains"

"Twists & Turns"

"Aloha Shirt"

This is the second pattern in the Postcards From Hawaii series
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