Thursday, December 20, 2007


This is our first scarf pattern "Ribbons of Life" Price of this pattern is $4.00. Patterns in our accessory line are not included in our 25% off deal. We will soon be adding another page that will have only the accessory patterns.

Pattern Grouping #20

Included in this grouping are the following patterns: Abbey's Little Quilt, Angel Of Praise, Audrey, Bitty Bows, Bliss, Chloe, Come With Me, Crown Of Glory, Jamie, Moanalua Gardens, Pearls & Diamonds, Pearly Shells, Polka Dots, Quick & Easy Potholder & Scrubber Set, Love Knots, Scattered Leaves, Snow Forts, Sophie, This A Way That A Way Dishcloth. Price for this grouping is $30.00 that's with our usual 25% discount

Abbey's Little Quilt

Angel Of Praise


Bitty Bows



Come With Me

Crown Of Glory


Another open & airy dishcloth.

Love Knots

These little scrubbers are just right for a child's sized hand or just right placed next to the kitchen sink.

Moanaloa Gardens

Pearls & Diamonds

Pearly Shells

Polka Dots

Quick & Easy Potholder & Scrubber Set** SALE ITEM (SET) $2.00

This set includes a traditional potholder, a skillet sleeve to cover the handle of iron type skillets or griddles, & a cute little scrubber. We used double strands of worsted weight cotton. The original price for this set is $4.00

Scattered Leaves

Snow Forts


This A Way, That A Way Dishcloth

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pattern Grouping #19

Included in this final grouping of this 2007 year are the following: Cedars Of Lebanon, No Need Pattern Dishcloth Pattern, Quick! Quick! Quick! Dishcloth Pattern, Looking Forward, Piper's Pebbles, Gentleness, and I'm A Little Dishcloth. The grouping sells for $10.50. You're saving 25% by purchasing these cloth patterns as a grouping!!!

Cedars Of Lebanon

No Need Pattern Dishcloth Pattern

Quick! Quick! Quick! Dishcloth

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